Ninja Waffles

Ok, so I made awesome vegan chocolate chai waffles for this post, so hold onto your butts. You know what kind of post I’ve not done in FOREVER?! So I’m doing one. This series is for the PNR lover. A purist. Someone who loves all the silly trappings of the genre. Fated mates. Long-lived vampires. … Read more

Do Vampires Drink Bloody Marys?

Do you know what day is coming up? OH YES! Easter! Other than the deeply religious significance of the holiday, it also means two very important things: brunch, and Easter eggs. Well, I have something for both cravings right now. One is the perfect twist on a classic in the form of a spicy Irish … Read more

Ten Books to Inspire the Next Wonder Woman

Ten Books to Inspire the Next Wonder Woman

I have watched the new Wonder Woman trailer at least 5 times. My Daughter? I think she just considers it an activity she must do hourly. “Get up, stretch, drink water, watch trailer, kick ass and take names.” I can hardly blame her. When I was little, we had Jem, Sheera, Xena, Buffy, and I loved all of them. … Read more

Suck it, Faerie.

Ok, so fair warning, I’m about to fangirl the fuck all over a book. I’m also making easy vegan malted mocha brownies. BUT! I was also this book’s first reader. (As the author of it is mine.) ALTHOUGH!!! If I wasn’t impressed, or didn’t like it, I simply wouldn’t talk about it at all. (I’m cunty that … Read more