Amazon is Out of its Hive.

Hold onto your collective asses; it’s my summer “must read” list of 2014. Must read books for summer. I’m not going to do what Amazon is doing, and suggest “beach reads,” that should be titled “books if you like to sob so hard in public that your nose becomes a … Continue reading

Pinning with Dick Biggler

Okey dokey, this is going to sound like a totally awful #humblebrag, and for that I am truly sorry. However, I have a question/observation. Recently, a few lists about Pinterest on various book/PR-type websites have listed me as a “power pinner” for my books board. I think it’s based on … Continue reading

So It Goes

Ok. I get that ipads are fun and convenient ways of ignoring your children, but I sometimes feel like my kids are missing something. I will grant you that they’re mostly missing out on things like “risk of death” by sitting in the rear-facing station wagon seat without seatbelts, but … Continue reading