Shirtless Sam Champion

It’s Friday! And while the Today Show is waving it’s “We Support Abusers” flag, by dancing and singing along with Chris Brown’s live performance, you’re probably wondering A: What’s on Good Morning America, and B: What you’re doing this weekend! I’ve seen Sam Champion (the weatherman from GMA) up close and personal without his shirt […]

Merry Drapermas!

Merry Drapermas! Tonight should be an official holiday. A holiday where we celebrate with bribery, liquid lunches, cocktail parties, pearls, high-waisted skirts, and less-than-virtuous experiences with ad men that are recently separated from their batshit crazy wives. Sounds like a good time to me. Please pass the gin, and delicious, gray eyed, Don Draper (mix […]

Getting In Bed With Don Draper

Happy Vernal Equinox! Get outside and go for a walk! (gas is too damn expensive to drive.) I really think we could solve our energy crisis if we could somehow harness all the hot air the politicians are producing on the primary trail. I think we could power Vegas for a year. I also think […]