Fatty McFatfat

Rant Ahead. The notion of butter, the idea of it, has begun to fall in one of two camps: one-elevated above all other fats. Worshipped for its flavor, its simplicity, its purported benefits to mind and body. The second camp, it’s viewed as heretical to imbibe. Why eat something that is a condensed animal fat […]

There’s So Much In This World We Can Learn

Today marks eleven years since we lost one of the most loving and inspirational voices of our time: Mr Rogers. I remember watching episode after episode of “Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood” while eating my rice and milk. (rice, milk, and honey was one of my favorite breakfasts.) I loved his lessons about confidence, peace, and love. […]

I’d Rather Make Out With Sherlock than a Chihuahua

There truly aren’t enough pictures of dogs in wigs on the internet. Granted, there are entire tumblrs dedicated to the coiffeured canines, (I know if you add “ed” to a French word it’s not the past tense. I’m making shit up.) but still. Back to my point. I also need more babies in wigs pictures. […]

Dora The Explorer is Trying to Kill Me

Today is one of those days where I’m acutely aware that I’ll never be a champion quidditch player, or a teen model. Today, I’m reminded that I am absolutely, positively, average. The amazing thing is that average people accomplish amazing things every day. Average, everyday people are more often than not the ones who are […]