Warm Ginger Butterbeer

Warm Ginger Butterbeer

It’s been roughly a year or more since I’ve done a Sunday Sweet. Typically, the format was that I’d write a quick post, wish you well, and give you a recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth. As it’s now the holiday season, I thought it as good a time as any to bring back Sunday […]

How Do You Say “Ladyboner” in Italian?

Warning: highly objectionable language used in post. Just fucking read it anyway. I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite things that has ever come from blogging is when I receive ARCs. *advanced reader copies When they show up in my inbox, I get that spine-tingly thing that romance writers use to describe what […]

Bruce, Books, Butternut Squash

BOOK POST! BOOK POST! But first, I’m going to admit my dirty little secret. It’s the Seventh of November. I’m already dragging out my holiday decor, listening to “Classically Christmas Radio” on Pandora, and reading Christmas themed novels/watching Christmas movies….like Love, Actually, and Die Hard.  Also, let’s just take a moment to think about the fact that this […]

Safe Word: Will Smith

This time of year is typically spent with me grading 94379384769384 papers, watching “Love, Actually” all day, every day, and spending entirely too much in Jeff Bezos’ love den. This year, I’ve been busier than ever, and haven’t seen my lovey Liam’s movie ONCE. The tragedy of this falls somewhere on the scale between Old […]