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The best laid plans of mice and men (and moms) often go astray. As it turns out, my desire to go to the gym and try a new workout was just plain silly, as the DMV (to replace my stolen license) took TWO HOURS!!! Oh yes, you read that right. THANK YOU, DMV! You’ve really outdone yourself this time! Can you think of a worse way to spend your afternoon? I suppose you could have your fingernails removed with tweezers or have battery acid dropped onto your skin slowly, but you wouldn’t get the Brighton Beach fragrance, would you? As it was, when I got home, I did my own at home workout in a circuit style.

I did this circuit 3x

  • russian twists 1 min
  • plank rows 1 min
  • side plank left 30 secs
  • side plank right 30 secs
  • leg push downs 45 secs
  • rest 15 secs
  • walking lunges 2 minutes
  • plie squats with jump 1 minute
  • tricep dips with leg extension 1 minute
  • dead lift into overhead press 1 minute
  • recover 1 minute

It is quite the intense workout. You really get your heart rate up and SWEAT!!! It is however, very doable even for someone that hasn’t been working out for very long.

It will also make you HUNGRY!! What better way to fuel your body after working out than some grilled vegetable and whole wheat couscous with baked cod? I really can’t think of one. (Ok, maybe ice cream….it was hot!)

Couscous is a 1 to 1 ratio liquid to couscous.

I made it by first giving a light sautee to onions, garlic, and carrots in some evoo with salt and pepper, adding one cup of chicken stock to the mix, bringing it to the boil, adding one cup couscous, covering it, and shutting off the stovetop.

The veggies were just grilled on the grilltop, and the cod was rubbed with more fajita rub and baked. Simple. Delicious.

Now, I am kinda exhausted this morning as I did NOT sleep well due to a baby growth spurt, so I may take a quick little nap before my kids wake. Ok, I am DEFINITELY taking one. Nighty Night.

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