inappropriate ramblings on a cupcake.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

This is a cupcake. This is not just any cupcake. This is a Robicelli’s cupcake. A Robicelli’s “North Fork” cupcake. *from their tumblr-

The North Fork: Chocolate cabernet cake, blackberry cabernet buttercream and compote, cabernet reduction

I know what I read, but all I heard was “mmm yum mmm delicious mmm sex mmm needneedneed”

I was having a sort of down day yesterday- no real reason, just sort of blah. Until, that is, I went and picked this beauty up. I realize this is a lot of discussion over one cupcake, but this is possibly the best cupcake in THE WORLD. First bite? oh. Second bite? what? third bite? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

Then it happened. A smallish hand came toward the cupcake. At first, I considered biting his hand; seemed wrong. I figured, it’s a boozy flavored cupcake, he’ll take a lick and be done with it. WRONG. two bites and INHALE. “More Mama? More cupcakeberry?” He is now vacillating between asking me for a cupcakeberry and to go to Sesame Place. (More on that later)

The best part about the cupcakes, apart from the taste, is the people who make them. Husband and wife team Matt and Allison Robicelli care about more than just cupcakes, since NY’s historic gay marriage legislation passed, they have offered cupcakes gratis for the first same-sex wedding to order. They are also going to discount for same-sex couples for a period of time AND donate to an LGBT charity!! Oh, and they are both gingers. GINGERS UNITE!!! Allison’s tumblr is generally the funniest thing I read all week. As is her column in Nona Brooklyn. She is just gifted. So please. Come. Come now. I’ll buy you one.

(I totally don’t get paid to review things I like/don’t like.)

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