Hell No! GMO! Hell No! GMO!!!

Did you see this about a new GMO FISH?!??! You heard that right, not a GMO soybean or ear of corn, or some other robot produced grain; a GMO SALMON. It grows bigger and faster than all of its fishy friends. It’s a fish with roid rage. And they want us to eat it. AquaBounty Technologies with their benign website, and seemingly harmless mission statement, want you to eat frankenfish. Because you want another company like Monsanto in your food chain, right? Why not?

I do not feed my kids GMO soy. (I realize if we eat out, I do not have control over this.) I try to buy fresh, local produce whenever I can. I don’t eat foods or serve foods from cans lined with BPA. (That nixes more brands than you’d think.) I value what goes into my and my children’s bodies. As soon as the rest of the majority starts choosing with their wallets, these GMOs can’t exist anymore. You can’t run a multinational without money. I just do not want to see what happens to the generation of GMO. Remember, at one time, they thought DDT was safe.

And before you say “it’s so expensive to eat that way,” let me tell you. I save money by shopping at the farmer’s market and the co-op. I don’t buy pre-packaged junk food, so I don’t spend money on it. If you eat whole foods-organic or not-and you leave out frozen mozzarella sticks and chocolate cereal, you will save $$. Trust me.

2 thoughts on “Hell No! GMO! Hell No! GMO!!!

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh.........myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........gawd! I detest GMO's and frankenfood in general but it seems like our food chain is being destroyed by these megacorporations. And it doesn't help that GMOs are cross pollinating with organic food because that's what plants do when the birds and the bees do their pollinating thing. Thanks for the head's up about the salmon. #commenthour #SITS

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