Remember what I said about the “flash”? Re-thinking that.

After an AWFUL weekend of losing my wallet and breaking an axle on my car, (yes, I know we are lucky to be alive.) I needed a run. I needed to clear my head and just breathe. I was so happy the weather finally cooperated. How was my first run after pregnancy, anemia, bedrest, hyperemesis, and vertigo? I was SUCKING wind. If any of you are familiar with the app Couch 2 5K, I did DAY ONE and I was dying. All of that lazying about really made me feel like I hadn’t ran in a year, not 5 months. I didn’t throw up or anything, but hoo-boy tough.

My son is like flat Stanley, only not flat–and wearing his Calvin’s–take a picture, he appears. Pay no attention to all of the toys you see behind me-this is the life/home of a mom with a 3 year old.

Dinner tonight was per request of Flat Stanley. Waffles. His had a smear of nutella, served with veggies and chicken apple sausage. Ours were served with blueberries and chicken apple sausage and a salad. Sooo good. I used Arrowhead Mills organic buckwheat pancake and waffle mix. Sometimes comfort food is just what you need. Comfort food and and glass of wine. Comfort food and a glass of wine and a shower.

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