Petit Mort (Not the Good Kind)

I have a terrifying, crippling fear of spiders.

I can barely tolerate the plastic sort.

When I belonged to a large, chain gym in NYC, I stopped going to one of the locations because it was beside a pet store that had a tarantula display in the front window. I avoid the entomology lab on campus like it houses the Governor from the “Walking Dead”. I have made my five year old kill one for me. (I’m not proud) I suffer from hypnogogia; otherwise known as “near-sleep hallucinations,” wherein I see spiders everywhere. 

I wake the man up and demand he remove the spiders from my ceiling and our bed. I used to charge into my sister’s or parents’ bedrooms and do the same. Thank all of the gods they’re accustomed to my very strange behaviors.

So, that’s why when I woke up to this story about black-widow spiders being found in bags of grapes, I determined that the only grapes I would be eating for the rest of my life would be highly fermented. At least that way, if I eventually see a spider in that bottle of grapes, I won’t give a damn.

You know how when you watch a horror movie that’s particularly gruesome, you immediately decide to watch a Disney Movie, or something featuring a topless Michael Fassbender so as to mitigate the effects of the horror movie on your psyche? That.

I went full-on happy feel-please G-d-get-that-thing-out-of-my-brain-and-produce on my Netflix queue.

I have never been happier working with a company on my blog. Why? because black widow spiders. Because arachnophobia. Because sometimes, books-to-film need to act like RAID on your medulla. (like after watching congress on C-Span) 

So I buzzed on the ol’ Netflix and instead of falling into an “Orange is the New Black” k-hole (because my daughter is sitting RIGHT here, and she’s not quite ready for a trip to women’s prison, yet….baby jail…aka her crib, is where it’s at for her) I decided to watch possibly the best book-to-movie-for-brain-cleaning, ever. I may be partial….”The Little Prince.” Because it’s the anti-black widow. You know what little princes on asteroids don’t have? venomous creatures. Have you seen? Have you READ? You need to do both. Seriously, people. The book came out in 1943. Get on that, already. This version is visually stunning. Absolutely brilliant…even if every time the fox appears on screen, your daughter sings “tchuff, tchuff, tchuff, ta chuff ta chuff.”

I’m not going to lie. “The Little Prince” also kept little hands in their little lap, and well-occupied for the 8.5 minutes I spent staging my petit fours. Petit Fours befitting a Petit Prince.

Peppermint Mocha Petit Fours

peppermint-mocha petit fours peppermint-mocha petit fours peppermint-mocha petit fours peppermint-mocha petit fours peppermint-mocha petit fours


These could not be simpler. I used this recipe for peppermint mocha brownies, doubled it and baked until done in a jelly-roll pan, cubed, froze, dipped in melted white chocolate, and topped with crushed candy canes. It’s very easy to keep the white chocolate pliable if you melt in small increments and keep the bowl on a heating pad, hot water bottle, or warming plate set to LOW. Yes, you WILL get covered in white chocolate…but I am sure you can come up with new and interesting ways of cleaning it up while your child is otherwise occupied with Netflix.

Disclaimer: Netflix has compensated me for these posts, but all opinions (even if I think a movie is total crap) are my own.

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4 Responses to Petit Mort (Not the Good Kind)

  1. 8.5 minutes is a record, no? So far my task is to keep little monsters from crying while I stage my noms but I’ll be in your boat oh-so soon ;) If these are anything like your mocha peppermint so-flipping-quick-and-amazing brownies then I’m in trouble. I welcome that sort of trouble. Yum!

  2. Amy says:

    Putting your bowl of chocolate on a heating pad is so brilliant and simple it gave me a minor headache!

  3. Kadee-Cat says:

    Spiders are the absolute WORST. I’ve trumped through the house dripping wet in my towel at 2 in the morning and dragged my step-dad out of bed to kill a “granddaddy long leg” There was also once an hour long incident where I cried hysterically on the phone with my sister while yielding a crutch, can of hairspray and a memory foam pillow when I found myself home alone with an 8 legged beast. *shudder* There is nothing more horrible!!!!

    On a more positive note, mocha and peppermint are the best combination ever! Delish :)

  4. A classic book, one my mom used to read to me all the time when I was a child. Only eight and half minutes though…for some reason I remember it being longer back then.
    I love white chocolate and peppermint. Great combo.

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