Naked with a Bread Bikini

Just in case you were wondering, as per yesterday’s post, I am already kicking ass in 2013. For instance, I slept in a cardigan, and the level of cozy was ridiculous.  Winning.

Every single show I have seen in the past 24 hours has discussed ways to “get healthy” in 2013. So far, I haven’t heard anything revolutionary. Ok, well the hot doctor on “The Doctors” said to eat more bread and have more sex. This makes him the best doctor.

Let’s call it the “sexy carbs” diet. Quick, someone write a book!!! That doctor can pose for the cover. He can use a hero roll to cover his you-know-what. (this is where we should all be making the mandatory “6 in or footlong hero?” comment) I volunteer to be the photographer. I know. It’s a sacrifice.

All this talk about getting healthy really makes me think of how I keep myself and my kids on the right track. While there are many steps, including taking many steps per day, it’s the beginning of the year, so let’s start at the very beginning. (a very good place to start…NAME THAT QUOTE, SCAMPS!!)

Eat your damn breakfast. For real. Eat it. It sets your day up for success. I know how different I feel when I’m on vacation and have a tendency to eat cookies for breakfast vs when I eat a REAL meal. I can’t help the cookie thing, my aunt makes the best cookies and I’m hooked like Amanda Bynes on that stuff.

Typically I have oatmeal and fruit. Just about every day. I make the oatmeal with soy or cow’s mik for protein, and make certain that the fruit is fiber rich. It keeps me nice and full until lunch.

Most days.

Some days, I’m in such a frenzy/whirlwind/cleaning-writing-cooking-acting-auditioning that I get hungry 2 or 3 hours after eating the aforementioned oats. What to do, what to do? I could just eat more fruit, but I’d rapidly become hungry again. I could eat a piece of cheese, but then I’d feel icky. So what do I do?

I poach a damn egg. It’s easier than you think, and when I’m doing it just for me? I do it in the microwave. It’s the quickest microwave breakfast, and it makes me happy and filled with yummy goodness. (twss) The yolk is perfectly oozy, it makes the toast super happy, and it’s OH.So.Filling.

I’ve seen many a microwaved breakfast sandwich in the blogosphere. Most of which hold about as much appeal to me as licking a pedicure chair’s foot prop.  Eggs in the microwave that are scrambled tend to get all rubbery and not so delicious. However, a poached egg in the microwave? effing perfection. Add some greens and toast, and (if you are me or my kids…)HOT SAUCE and you’re in like Flynn.

Your metabolism begs you to do this. Truly. Get your engines going…and not just by imagining hot doctors with bread bikinis. Or at least not JUST because of that.

Here you go.

Miracle Microwave Poached Eggs

poached egg


yolk pornHow do I do it? Simple I run the water from the tap as hot as I can make it. I fill a microwave safe cereal bowl with it. I add salt to said water and 1/2 tsp of cider vinegar. I SLOWLY break an egg into the bowl right in front of the OPEN microwave door. I then nuke it on high for 2.5-3 minutes depending on how hot the water is, how much water I use, etc. When it’s PERFECTLY done it looks like the image on top. You can tell by removing it with a slotted spoon. It will jiggle and give. You should promptly eat it.


19 thoughts on “Naked with a Bread Bikini

  1. The hot Dr. is the BEST Dr... though I'm not sure I even listen closely enough to know what he's saying. Poached eggs rock my world. I do it the old school way with ACV and boiling water in a pot... which means that I rarely make them because boiling water is too much effort. This may just change my life in 2013.
  2. When you read, you begin with ABC, when you sing you begin with do, re, mi. Also, I love poached eggs. Yum. That may be my new go-to breakfast. Poached egg, toast, greens & a fruit. And coffee, of course. 2013 is going to be my bitch!
  3. Give me the jiggly runny egg! Yum :) Eggs are such as easy & quick snack. Although I wish the lady who shares an office kitchen with me wouldn't overflow her microwaved eggs & bacon & leave the remnants on the turntable. Tramp!
  4. I thank you for my new and continued addiction to poached eggs! I made them like this on both Saturday and Sunday and experienced true withdrawal this morning. My oatmeal, which I ordinarily love, was a poor second place at best. Thanks for such an easy cooking and clean-up recipe!
  5. It took me 3 days but I finally got the eggs timed right! Thanks so much, toast with perfect poached egg & salsa is my new favorite breakfast! Still making batches of your white chocolate fudge too!

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