Heroin Fueled Kale Eating

I think I can officially say I need to eat kale salad and drink water for 3 days to undo the damage that I did yesterday. It’s not so much the calories I consumed, though those were plentiful, it is the heavy weight of the food I feel in my gut. It’s that “oh dear me, I need a cleanse, or a nap, perhaps an exorcism….” sort of feeling.

It’s bone deep. I feel like utter crap…..and we all know that after yesterday’s food shenanigans, we’re all full of it….literally.

Ok, how many ellipses can I put in one post? Let me think about that….a lot, I’d venture to guess. Nothing says “I’m tired” like excessive punctuation; and mismatched socks.

At my household, we are STILL doing dishes from last night. The sheer quantity is staggering. You never really know how much china you have, or cookie sheets, roasting pans, saucepans you have until you use EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.

So now we are on a full-court press to be as healthy as we can humanly be before the onslaught of holiday parties, New Year Debacles, and resolution nightmares begin.

Why wait until January 1st to improve yourself? Who decided that was the mandate? Why NOT November 23rd. I am sure something awesome has happened on this day in history.

I just googled it…so not much happened on this day in history. Franklin Pierce was born in 1804, and in 2012 SHIT JUST GOT AWESOME. Or at least, we all, collectively, put down the pie. (from my cold, dead hands!!!)

We can all move our bodies. We can all have a vegetable that isn’t dripping in bacon fat and heavy cream. We can eat something other than chips as we watch and mercilessly make fun of “Liz and Dick.” Good times will be had by all. We can eat KALE chips and watch the tragedy unfold…hilariously.

In order to avoid the seemingly inevitable downward spiral into heroin fueled rages, ok, maybe that’s extreme…lack of Hostess Cupcakes filled rages, I give you a few of my best healthy recipes to help keep you on track.

Healthy Taco Salad-Made with Quinoa, found here. It’s so amazzzzzing and so easy.

Garlic Lemon Green Beans Almondine. Found Here.

Last but not least, sweet potato casserole oatmeal. It’s a great use up for extra sweet potatoes laying around your home.  Found Here.

5 thoughts on “Heroin Fueled Kale Eating

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Just returned from 4 days at Disney and I feel so gross from all the fried/convenience/non-vegetable food we consumed there. How do people do it? Definitely need a cleanse or just lots and lots of greens for the next week. The quinoa taco salad looks delicious!
  2. Ill be eating me weight in kale this week, but only because I actually purchased my weight in kale a few day prior. It's simple math. Must eat ALL THE KALE. P says my all the things impressions aren't cute. That's grounds for ankle biting, don't you think?

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