Mickey Mouse Does P90X

Happy weekend. Let’s all throw our hands in the air and say “screw it all”. Because it’s about that time. The Captain has been battling a cold, which makes him more than crabby, and quite irritated. Beyond that, there is only so much children’s television one’s brain can take, even as simply background noise, I am very nearly suicidal over it. Strike that, I don’t want to end my life….but Mickey Mouse’s. I hear his voice in my sleep. It haunted my workout. Last night, I had a dream that Paul Ryan had Mickey’s voice. In retrospect, that was sort of funny. They should do P90X together.

Speaking of, I watched the debate whilst ellipticizing. It’s great motivation to go faster out of anger. I tried to outrun idiocy. Turns out, that’s easier thought of than done.

I actually have a Friday Link Love for all of you!!

I know I have hyped it before, but seriously, you only have THREE days before Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp registration ends. Go, sign up, it’s good for you. If you don’t, you’re going to be seriously jealous when you see how awesome my guns are afterwards.

Julie made pumpkin spice puppy chow with biscoff spread. I don’t think I need to elaborate.

Jenn de-mystified how those damn sushi chefs get the avocado on the outside of the roll. Her husband was the hand model. You should go compliment him. He’s quite fond of his pretty hands and enjoys the attention.

Gina made butternut squash chips. It involved boiling, which I’d have never considered if it weren’t for her serious skill.

This little list tells you to dip your chocolate in wine, have sex, and eat your veggies while on vacation. DONE.

Well, why not?

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