Wearing Suspenders in a Human Centipede.

Today’s Friday Link Love is TOTAL AND UTTER NONSENSE. Why, you ask?? Because the world needs more nonsense. Duh.

I am actually in pain from laughing so hard last night with this hot thing, and her hubs (a real captain, not just Captain CrazyPants…at least I think he’s a Cap-i-tan, he could be a lieutenant or something else..) There was much talk about human centipedes, and drinks of the adult variety. I thought I was going to have to work all night, so it was a very pleasant surprise that I was able to hang out with them. I’m not going to say that we may or may not have had a magic moment with a man in suspenders, and a very blonde lady in her late thirties doing inappropriate things to furniture, but I’m basically saying that. I also may have seen someone’s ass-top on the train platform. I’ll let you decide if it was the marine or the blogger. Let’s be honest, the odds are 50/50.

By the way, “Human Centipede”, have you seen it? Do you have a distinct fear of tubing and gauze now as well? Do you reflexively gag every time someone gets on all fours in front of you? By the way, unless you work in plumbing or work as a personal trainer, you’re experience with this should be limited. I always wanted to be line leader in elementary school, I’d *really* want to be line leader in a human centipede.

First up, Gina made balls. She wins at life. They’re nutty balls…the best sort.

The government wants you to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, yet they’re not preparing us for the robot apocolypse tech takeover….I think they’re co-conspirators.

I clearly need SOMETHING fitness related, so here you go.

This next video is simply because I love you.


2 thoughts on “Wearing Suspenders in a Human Centipede.

  1. Im just gonna come out and say it: I mooned you. And you loved it! And captain douchebag is indeed a captain fuck you very much. His words. Not mine. Love you and can't wait to see p more if your prostitute face!

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