A Candlestick, Cool-Whip, Semi-frozen Gatorade, and a Groundhog.


The most very specialist, awesomest, bestest link goes to my friend Janae at Hungry Runner Girl. Earlier this week she tweeted “what should I do now that I’m a Californian?” I tweeted back “wear sunglasses and look in the mirror a lot!??!”.  I should’ve tweeted, “Go forth, and spew life from your lady flower, and then gobble percocet like there is no tomorrow.”

Because that is what Janae did. She gave birth to beautiful baby Brooke. Congrats, Janae and Billy, she is truly a beautiful blessing. (I also hope she sleeps through the night at 6 weeks!)

The second link goes to my lady love girl crush, the MizFit. She writes about finding your happy, wherever it is. I looked behind my sofa, but all I found was religion (literally–a Buddhist text on funerals) and Pirate’s booty…I’ll check behind the fridge, next.

The third link I do so love for its stripped honesty. Let’s keep things real here, a lot of healthy living bloggers don’t own up to the stuff they deal with, so you have a lot of blogs featuring orthorexia, thinspiration, and disordered eating, touting them as healthy lifestyles! Lindsay recognized signs of going to far, and called herself out on it, in a beautiful post about over-exercising.

The fourth link I have a love-hate relationship with. Jess wants to kill me, apparently, because even though our anniversaries are just days apart, her idea of celebrating involves burpee variations. You see? She desires my imminent demise. I’ll get her back. I just need to figure out how…It may involve a candlestick, cool whip, and semi-frozen gatorade, and maybe a groundhog.

Sexy Bexi is my fifth link, and with good reason. Like me, she is a mom who is hell-bent on encouraging healthy habits in her kids. In some cases, she’ll turn to torture by running if necessary.

And now, for this week’s cute. If you are wondering why it’s always the Peanut, and not the Captain? She’ll sit still to be photographed…he won’t.

Eating ON the table is more fun than eating AT the table. BTW, does EVERYONE have this table? I see it a lot.

13 thoughts on “A Candlestick, Cool-Whip, Semi-frozen Gatorade, and a Groundhog.

  1. Yeah. I know. Original comment much, Carla? Brace yourself. I want to marry your writing voice. (and thank you thank you for the love...)
  2. ha ha! This is a fabulous collection!! Thanks for including my Cat--I know you secretly lurrrrve burpees. They love you just as much! :) Your kiddos are adorable, really adorable! (especially when they are poop-free!) ha!!

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