Sweat is Salt, Right??

Today is one of those days where I am GLAD it’s my rest day. It’s dreary outside, the rain is making my knee throb, and the Huffington Post sent an alert of my phone about how “breastaurants” or restaurants like Hooters and something demeaning about a kilt, are becoming more popular. The alert woke me up before the Peanut did. An alert about WOMEN WHO SERVE YOU BEER DRESSED AS THE HIGHLANDER’S FANTASY WOMAN???? Not Hosni Mubarak dying, or even Snooki falling down again, but a boobs and brews alert. Nothing says “wake the hell up” like an article about how popular underboob sweat is as a french fry flavoring.

Seriously, not only do they serve food that’s lethally sodium rich and saturated fat laden, they serve it to you with a side of T&A. It’s like a one-two-punch for an obese, heterosexual male.

“Here is your quadruple cheeseburger, 32 oz beer, side of boob sweat fries, and did you catch a good view of the bottom of my ass cheeks in my booty shorts?”

Heart Attack. Right there. It happens even quicker if their favorite sports team is winning on one of the televisions.

I am all for women choosing what they want to do for a living, I’m not even opposed to nudity on tv,but there is just something that grosses me out about men going to a restaurant specifically to have their meat served with a side of flesh. Apart from the “ick” factor, it just bugs me.

Trust me, I KNOW I’m being a huge hypocrite on this one. I KNOW I pin all sorts of pictures of men without their shirts on. I mean, have you SEEN some of the FitFluential Manbassadors? They look like they should be on the covers of romance novels.

However, I do not think that I’d go to a restaurant where the servers are half naked abercrombie models with abs so ripped you’d think they were sculpted. I have NO idea why. I am accepting my hypocrisy on this one. It’s.Just.Icky.

Do what everyone else does, ogle people at the pool/beach, through dark sunglasses so no one can tell whom you are ogling, and DON’T WAKE ME UP TO TELL ME ABOUT BOOB SWEAT SEASONING.

Moving On….It’s dark. I got exactly ONE picture taken before the sun disappeared entirely. I am saddened by this…oh well, the recipe will still make you want to sacrifice rubber chickens to the gods of awesome.

Homemade Nutella Made HEALTHY.

healthy homemade “nutella”

by Cat Tan


  • 2 cups hazelnuts
  • 3 oz melted 60% dark chocolate
  • 3 tbsp chocolate pudding mix I like “Mates” brand from Whole Foods, it’s all natural
  • 2 tbsp PB2
  • 1/4 cup skim milk


puree all ingredients in a food pro or vitamix and whir until soft and spreadable. If it’s too thick, add more milk.

Ideas: top with bruleed bananas (as above)

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18 thoughts on “Sweat is Salt, Right??

  1. I know. I say it a lot. I be in love with your way with words. and salt. and our BODICE RIPPER COVER MODEL dudebassadors :-) and the shocking fact I can now comment. now back to me :) a little known me fact. Ive never ever ever had nutella. would I try and fall head over smitten heels? would I try and not care? would I try and become an instant nutella junkie?
    • Oddly enough, I HAVE met people that DON'T like nutella!! I am not one of them. I love Nutella. LOVE. But it is sweet, and you tend to be a savory ladeee. Buy a jar or make it, or go to Target and get a packet of justin's chocolate hazelnut spread!
  2. I am with you Cat & yes, maybe I am a hypocrite in this regard. I guess for me, so few movies & restaurants & just things in general turn this equation around so it pisses me off! ;-) AS for Nutella - never tried it but not a fan of hazelnuts either. ;-) Looks good though!
  3. That's, how they should make the stuff! Great recipe! Also great, is my opportunity to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I love reading your very lively posts where I can feel the passion and message you want to get across. Thanks for the great blog, enjoy your day! - http://justaddcayenne.blogspot.com/2012/06/versatile-blogger-award.html
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  5. I have to tell this story. My daughter just got back from NYC with grandma. Her favorite part of the trip? Getting her pic taken with the shirtless A&F guy! She's 13 and was over the moon. Showed it to me first thing when she got off the plane and I laughed when I saw this post. The nutella looks great. Guess another trip to Whole Foods is on the To Do List. ;-)

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