Amish Typhoon

Let’s talk about dancing like fools in front of everyone, shall we? Last night was cross-training night for me which meant NO running. I did something I typically don’t do, I went to Zumba. Inspired by the mistress of what I ate wednesday, who is OB-SESSED with Zumba, I figured I’d go. I mean, what the heck, right?

The teacher is a slight, whisper of a woman. She looks breakable and fragile; until the music starts. I think that maybe she becomes possessed by the spirit of LaBamba, Seduction, Torture, and rabbits on cocaine with a steroid chaser. It’s really remarkable. She is a petite dynamo, a mini-monsoon of sorts. To put it mildly, she’s incredible.

I want that. Granted, my monsoon may look like a typhoon, and I am unlikely to appear seductive, instead appearing erratic and a bit like I’m in the throws of a concussive seizure, but I’d have fun. I don’t want to be a Zumba instructor. I just want to be able to completely lose myself in the dance. I lose myself in a run, in books, in a meal, and definitely in a scene; but unless I’m acting? NEVER in a room FULL of people, while doing something that could potentially make me feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable.

This week, I’ve been blogging a lot about trying new things, stepping out of my comfort zone, and having new experiences. I’ve decided to set a few goals for myself.

  • I live in NYC, there is still a TON of places I’ve never been and things I haven’t seen. I am going to see one of these places every few weeks AT LEAST.
  • Try one NEW food a week. Again, where I live, it shouldn’t be hard
  • Take at least one new class or do one new activity a week. Quit being terrified of looking like an ass. I am an ass, so it shouldn’t frighten me.
  • Hang out with new people. I am a NYC actor, we tend to be an insular community. We’re like a slightly more incestuous Amish community with better clothing and fewer chores.
  • Get more headshots printed for myself, not just the ones my agent has for my go-to(s) and auditions…OK, so this doesn’t hold much relevancy, but I’m seriously going to forget again.
  • FINALLY decide on new boobie sizing, since the family crap has resolved itself. I have waited nearly 8 years since my weight loss for a shiny new pair, and I AM NOT WAITING ANYMORE! DO YOU HEAR ME, TINA??? NO BRA WIRES EVAAAAAA! Ok, maybe I’ll *still* need a bra, but it won’t need the super deluxe padding, or water, or chicken cutlet looking thingys.
  • Oh, and eat more protein. Imma gonna need more egg whites…again, basically irrelevant, but still…..

Speaking of new foods, I made a new one today…yes TODAY, and photographed it TODAY, because the aforementioned mistress of wednesdays convinced me to start “Smoke and Bones” last night, and I was basically attached to my kindle until the wee hours. This caused me to grill tomatoes, onion, lime, and jalapeno at ONE A.M.!!! Thanks a lot, Jenn, you bookwhore. 

Why was I grilling veg? Because I decided to make something I normally avoid like the plague; Gazpacho. In the past, I was always like, “cold soup?? really???”. I flatly refused to eat it, brushing it off as nothing more than a chunky, sober, bloody mary. However, the HUNDRED DEGREE HEAT, and my current distaste for salads (I’ve eaten 9375389469384 in a month), made me reconsider.

I did some research, and found that there are a bamillionzillion ways of making it, so I decided I’d grill most of the veg, save for a few tomatoes and cucumber, and make it more Mexican than Italian. Mostly because I think cilantro is my personal right, and I get the fits when I don’t have it for a while.



by Cat Tan

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Keywords: blender grill

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 5 roma tomatoes
  • 1 small yellow onion
  • 1/3 cup cilantro
  • 1 jalapeno
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 lime
  • 1 kirby cucumber
  • avocado-optional
  • sour cream-optional
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1/4 tsp onion powder
  • 1/4 tsp coriander
  • salt and pepper


core all tomatoes

preheat griddle pan on high

slice onion into slabs

slice lime in half

grill 3 of the tomatoes, onion slices, jalapeno, and lime until all are glistening with charcoal colored stripes, and tomatoes are juicy and soft.

seed and stem the jalapeno

In a vitamix, with a stick blender, or in a food pro, blend all ingredients, save for avocado and sour cream, tasting for salt and pepper levels

chill and serve with avocado and sour cream

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Do you like Gazpacho?
DO you like it with crusty bread and a beer? That’s going to be my lunch…I love summer lunches!!

15 thoughts on “Amish Typhoon

  1. Actually, I've always thought the same as you about gazpacho: Eww, cold soup. But, I have to admit, hot weather and the yummy sounding recipe may help be change my mind. So will the avocado and cilantro. Have fun with all your new experiences.
  2. Ohhh, I heart me some good gazpacho! And like you, I much prefer mine more Mexican style than Italian. Cilantro and avocado are a must!
  3. I don't know how you function when you go to bed so late =) I've never eaten gazpacho - I'm a lot like you - I just don't get the cold soup thing!! LOL PS. We can hang out together and/or you can come here - that would technically cross two things off of your list in one week, right?
  4. I cant think of gazpacho without thinking of that Sam Jackson commercial for Siri. It makes me giggle. a lot! I've also never freaking tried gazpacho!!!! I should adopt your 1 new food a week goal. Actually all your goals are right up my alley =) You'll rock the hell out of them I *know* it! and lastly, mistress eh? what's our safe word??

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