Tom Cruise Loves “The Phantom of the Opera”, I’m Sure of It.

I’ve been married to this guy (see below: picture of me and the cop) since the beginning of time. I think I was betrothed to my husband younger than Mary to Joseph or Loretta Lynn to Dolittle.

we were waiting to get into "The Hunger Games", I was more excited.

We have a lot in common, and I am still pretty much bananas for him, otherwise, by now, his habit of leaving his socks in the sofa where he sat would’ve had me standing over his lifeless body with a sock full of rocks or coins a’la “Full Metal Jacket”.

We both love hiking and long walks along the water. We both love musicals (apparently, if you can go watch a musical armed with a 9mm and 2 pairs of handcuffs, they don’t take away your hetero card. I think there are plenty of straight men in the “I love musicals” closet) and we both could eat a metric ton of overpriced cheese and then win a spelling bee. (We both still have our certificates from middle school) We’re also both bibliophiles with hundreds of books in 3 formats; paper, kindle, audible.

What we don’t have in common, and what many couples don’t have in common, is that we don’t work out together. Unless it’s a hike or walk, we never go to the gym together. Ever. The only way the cop will run is if he’s chasing someone, and the only way I find shooting fun is if it’s with a bow and arrow. I have zero desire to shoot at pop up targets in a semi-darkened room, with or without the Mission Impossible theme song playing. He likes to ride a bike that is heading somewhere, I like to stay in one place and spin my little heart out to 90s tunes.

The point is that many, many people will be trying to lose weight when their spouse either doesn’t need to or want to. I used that as an excuse too. “How can I lose weight if my husband is still drinking pepsi and eating tons of cookies?”

Here are my top 10 solutions for dealing with a spouse who doesn’t need or want to join your weight loss journey.

10. Ask them to leave the junk out of the house. The can eat it at the office, when out, etc.

9. Find others (friends, co-workers) to work out and be accountable to. You’d be surprised how many people are probably in the same stage of their life.

8. If you find yourself skipping workouts because you want to chill with your significant other, find a middle ground, for me, it’s a walk or sparring with my husband. I am mostly unbruised from the latter, but blocks bruise.

7. Keep LOTS of healthy, prepared, fresh foods in the fridge. If your stuff is taking up all of the space, where will the soda fit? (this may be devious, but it’s necessary) like mushrooms! (see recipe below)

6. Be an example. The more fit I am, the more fit my hubs wants to be as well. It also influences our son, he oft pretends to “go to the gym” and he does his “push ups”.

5. Schedule your workout. Routine trumps most things because people LOVE routine.

4. Go online and peruse menus of restaurants before you and your spouse go out, that way you’re not tempted by the burger when your hubs orders one. You already have a healthy plan of action.

3. ENJOY your rest day and have something rich. Cake, pie, martini, whatever. FULLY enjoy it.

2. Join an online community like FitFluential (not just for bloggers) or DailyMile to help keep you motivated.

1. Make sure you show off your healthier self and bod to your spouse. It’s a real motivator. Nudity is also a good motivator for men. You know, they really are simple creatures.

A healthy recipe for your journey that even people who don’t make healthy eating a priority will love.

Gently Sauteed Mushrooms with Scallions

This recipe is a testament to the saying “simple is delicious”. This recipe is so simple, I think my husband could make it, but it’s so, so good.

sauteed mushrooms

by Cat Tan

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Keywords: slow-cooker saute side


  • 8 oz button mushrooms, quartered
  • 1 tsp grapeseed oil
  • 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp butter
  • salt and pepper
  • 3 scallions, finely chopped


heat the oils and butter in a pan on high

when the oil just starts to smoke, toss in mushrooms


when the mushrooms are well browned, add salt and pepper

place on a plate and top with chopped scallions

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7 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Loves “The Phantom of the Opera”, I’m Sure of It.

  1. E and I will go and workout together but never "together". We've tried that and the personal trainer inside of me always comes out. I end up trying to fix his form, he gets pissed, and we don't speak the rest of the workout. It's just better we stay separate.
  2. great post!! my husband and I do workout together, but then he eats an entire frozen pizza and box of cookies while still looking like a greek god. So for me it is about making sure my foods are bountiful!!
  3. The BF goes through phases where he is really into going to the gym with me (although he tends to lift weights while I hang around the cardio machines). So I just get excited when he is in the go-to-the-gym phase. And even then, he doesn't eat the healthiest. It is definitely good to have a healthy plan of action for meal time! Great tips! :-)
  4. Great tips!! It is very true. Thankfully, my boyfriend likes to eat healthy and exercise. I had a past relationship where that wasn't the case. It makes it tough. This dish looks excellent! My mom makes something similar and I can't get enough!
  5. My boyfriend eats (literally) a gallon of ice cream a night. He has weighed the same since the day I met him. His form of exercise: skateboarding. I have to run over 30 miles a week and eat no sugar to lose weight. Our rule: he can eat anything he wants, after I go to bed and if it's in the house, it has to be hidden. This way we both get what we want!

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