Hold Me, Zack Morris

I am really bummed about Dick Clark. He was superduperfly. I really hope one of the Doctors had the forethought to give him a countdown from ten. I think he’d appreciate that.

Right after learning of his passing, I read a fake twitter report of Donald Sutherland’s death. Not true, but all I could think was….”I think Katniss stormed the capitol a smidge early.” I hope she left a white rose…dipped in monkey poo. WHO AM I?!!?

Other than the sadness of Dick Clark’s passing, yesterday was my short run day. I headed to the gym to hit the treadmill, because the pollen count in NY is bordering on shouldbeillegalsomeonegivemothernatureahose. The pollen count is SO high that I turn into a ball of tears who cannot breathe or talk, within 15 minutes of heading outside. If I take a fistfull of Zyrtec-D, I turn into Jessie Spano trying to study, only with fewer flashdance sweatshirts.

I’m so excited…I’m so excited….I’m so….scared. Hold me Zack Morris.

When I got to the gym, I was running on the ol’ dreadmill, and I could hear mean girls over my shoulder. I had my headphones in, but i was listening to “Zombies. Run” the app on my phone that makes dread running a bit more tolerable, but I can still hear most of what’s going on around me. (that is; until they’re close.)

Anyways, I could hear their comments, and being the self-centered/self-conscious actor I am, I assumed they were talking about me. They were making snide comments about clothes, about how ugly running shoes are, (this is when I knew they COULDN’T be talking about me, my Brooks are HOT.) and how, the woman they were talking about chose to WORK, (GASP!) even though her husband was a hedge fund manager, they concluded he wasn’t a very good hedge fund manager. With that little tidbit, I could tell these people were talking about a gym buddy of mine, who was on a treadmill a few separated from mine. They eventually got REALLY mean, and were no longer using their inside voices. They were pure meaness, and WANTED my friend to hear.

That was the point where I realized that 5 miles was a perfect short run. The distance meter on the mill clicked right to 5.0, and I was in such a huff, I went from 11mph to 0mph in 20 seconds. I don’t suggest that.

The one thing, more than any other that I want to impart to my children is the belief that we are only as good as what we stand up for, and whom we stand up to.

“All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”-Edmund Burke

I was bullied. Harshly. High School was a nightmare for me, and my young adult years weren’t much better. I didn’t have enough confidence to defend myself, and took it all internally. There are scars that you wear your entire life from bullying. People who did bully or weren’t bullied, typically can’t *really* empathize. They just have no point of reference.

It touches you to your core, molds and shapes the actions you take, which in turn, molds and shapes who you are.

These women were on MY territory. The gym is where people go to try to feel BETTER about themselves. This is where they go to escape the voices in their head, this is where they go to escape. These women were sullying it. These women, needed to be shut down.

I don’t give two barbells what they do in their own homes, but keep it there.

I walked over to the obvious ringleader, (mean girls ALWAYS have a ringleader) plastered the sweetest smile on my face that I could muster, reached around her to grab a new towel, (something the cop taught me, invading their personal space makes you more likely to achieve your desired result) glowered at her, smile on my mouth, quite sure my eyes read something different, and said:

“Hi, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly horrific you and your girlfriends are behaving. I’m going to assume you aren’t pure evil, and that you didn’t want anyone to hear, let me assure you, everyone heard. Let me also assure you that the only people around that don’t find you truly vile, are the three ladies you’re addressing, everyone else is glaring and rolling their eyes so hard, it’s amazing people haven’t dropped their weights. Do everyone a favor and shut the hell up-or take it to your house, no one needs your poison here. If you continue, I’m complaining to management.”

After a moment of utter stunned silence, she shook it off and said:

“you’re going to tattle?”

I said:

“I will, and I’ll love it.” I plastered the smile back on my face, and went to stretch. They left. More than a handful of people looked at me and genuinely smiled.

You can argue all you want that I did it for myself, and I probably did, but no one deserves to be talked about that way. I can deal with their ire, I’m used to it.

These women inevitably pass the bully gene onto their children. Until we can so richly engrain the level of evil this behavior encompasses, it won’t stop. Many people suck, but so, so many more are awesome, amazing, wonderful, beautiful beings. Let’s celebrate them, celebrate happiness.

For today’s task:

Task #4 Pay someone a genuine compliment today. Mean it. 

On to celebrating good things. Let’s celebrate treating your body right. Fuel your inner fire with good food.

Breakfast Quinoa

Breakfast Quinoa

by Cat Tan

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Keywords: breakfast vegan

Ingredients (4 servings)

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups vanilla coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp agave nectar
  • 1/4 tsp banana extract or essence (amazon carries it)
  • 1 sliced banana
  • 2 tbsp shaved coconut


rinse the quinoa for 1 minute

cook the quinoa the night before

add the coconut milk, vanilla extract, and banana extra together in a saucepan

bring it to a boil

stir in quinoa

turn down to low and cover

cook until tender

the next morning

reheat in the microwave with a little more milk, stir in agave, banana, and coconut

stir and serve.

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Were you bullied in school? at work?

AC Slater or Zack Morris?

35 thoughts on “Hold Me, Zack Morris

  1. That is what I call Kick Ass!!!! I felt empowered reading your entry. Like you I was bullied growing up and felt like I couldn't defend myself, but now as an adult when I see that kind of stuff happening I know I can take a stand for those who cannot! I strongly agree that those are the kind of nasty women who are raising kids to be bullies. What's astonishing is how those same women are almost shocked to believe their kids are bullies... Imagine that?! PS.... I almost felt like you were doing it for me too :D
  2. Go Girl! I agree with you 100%, in running or while doing any kind of exercise, there is just no need for negativity and drama. I, unfortunately and fortunately, distanced myself from someone I trained with for my first half as right after the race I found out the not so nice and not so true things being said about me and my training. (Note to everyone: be careful what you say around your kids because they do talk.) I never approached her about it but I took my revenge in the form of training on my own and improving myself. I not only beat my time and hers, but I also came to realize that she was the one holding me back to begin with. All I kept saying to myself while I ran was: "leave the negativity behind eating your dust" and that is exactly what I did. I realized after this, and other incidents with her, how she is just a bully and feel sad for the fact that this is the attitude her 2 kids are growing up with and learning from. I will just keep positive, keep running, keep improving, and keep removing negative people out of my life. Oh and Zack all the way! AC Slater annoyed me! LOL!
  3. Go Cat Scratch Tan! I was never bullied, but I can think of many times others tried to intimidate me. Nuh uh, homey don't play dat!. My daughter used to try to quiet me when I confronted wrongdoers, but now she knows how to stand up for herself. I want to go to the gym with you now and forever! Roooaaarr! http://funandfit.org/2012/04/treadmill-walking-workout/
  4. That is the most kick-ass awesome thing I have heard about in a long time. As I was reading your post, I shook off the anchor of Sabrina (last name to remain nameless) from Junior High School. Amazing how those bullies can get under your skin. For all of us - thank you!
  5. Hello! Just wanted to let you know I discovered your blog a while back, and I think you're hilarious. Also it's weird but we seem to have a lot in common; like you, I'm an actress, and into fitness. But besides that, you have posted awesome stuff about zombies, Princess Bride, and vaginas that made me go, "YESSSS." (Did I successfully compliment your writing style without sounding like a total creeper?) Anyway, this post has a level of awesome that compelled me to finally comment. Pretty badass. I think it's amazing how hard people will work just to have the pleasure I guess they derive from being mean to other people. One would think we would have outgrown it by now. I'm glad you took a stand.
    • not creeper ish at all. I can practically recite Hungry Runner Girl's and Theodora (losing weight in the city's) blog!! thank you for the kind words. I really hope, that in the culture of bully branding, we can get rid of it.
  6. Your friend is a lucky lady to have you in her corner. We all need friends who are willing to have a backbone and stand up to what's right. Those ready to stand up to bullies are going to show everyone how utterly wrong it is to talk so meanly about people. We have to prop each other up. I really hope those women went home and did some soul searching.
  7. Damn! That's awesome you said that! They probably didn't understand anything you said besides the possibility they might get in trouble. I hate it when I see something toxic at the gym too because I feel like it should be a safe place to let out energy. I was bullied so I do understand and that's why I get so furious at adults who behave like that because you are correct that they are teaching this to their kids.
  8. Hell YEAH girl. I cannot even imagine how much their worlds were rocked when you did that. After all I'm sure they've been being horrible for awhile now and no one has had the balls like you to go point it out to them directly. You rock.
  9. You are my hero. I love everything about what you said. Seriously, I am so glad that you stood up and said something. No one ever deserves to be treated or spoken about in that way. My compliment today is to you for being genuinely kick-ass. I'm glad you are local because now I know who I need to call if someone needs an ass whooping. PS thanks for the tip about invading the personal space.
  10. I've never commented on your blog before but what you did was inspiring. I love that you said something to stand up for yourself (and others!). I would never be able to pull it off. I'm one of those that thinks of the perfect thing to say 3 days later. You Rock!
  11. I fully support and commend you for what you did, girl. I'm finding that the older I get, the less tolerable I am of people like that. I wasn't bullied in school - but I was always trying to fit in with the girls I thought were "cool" for years. I did things I was raised not to do just to be part of the group. Not cool. Thankfully they/we weren't mean to other people in school (I went to an all girls hs). I'm proud to say it was actually a pretty warm and friendly environment. I used to tolerate, even find things like you described comical, but it gets under my skin now. I don't know if it's b/c I'm older or I have a child and imagine what it would be like for him. People can be so mean. Regardless of your motive, kudos to you.
  12. Kick ass girl! I'm impressed how you handled those mean girls. It always boils my blood when people think they have the right to talk about other behind there back just to be mean and vile. Wish I could have been there to see you shut them down. It reminds me of that tv show call "what would you do" glad to know there are others out there that are willing to speak up a say something :) plus the quinoa looks delish.
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