Peeta and Peggy

Did you guys know i went to go see the “Hunger Games” last night? I may have written/tweeted/pinned a few things about it lately. I forced the cop to take multiple pictures with me leading up to the cornucopia, showing my exuberance and his overall indifference.

Eventually, since his enthusiasm or anxious anticipation in no way matched my own, I took pictures of myself, in a theatre, with many, many people looking at me in a very amused fashion.

As you can tell by the empty seats around me, I may or may not have forced my husband to show up to get on line at the theatre an hour early. (we bought our tickets last week) When we got there, there were only four women on line in front of us. We discussed seating strategy, possibility of necessary takedowns, and weapons we brought to the arena. When the time came, less-than-lethal measures weren’t needed, as only about 10-15 other people had made their way on line behind us.

I loved it. I plan on seeing it again. I now need to concentrate all of my excess energy on tomorrow night’s festivities; seducing Don Draper ┬áHaving a cocktail party.

Happy “Mad Men” eve. I assume you’re all prepared with your 1960’s finest? I have my high waisted, tulle lined, floral skirt, hose, twin set, and kitten heels. I have such an appreciation for the figures of the 1950s and 60s; the elegant curves of a woman’s hip, emphasized by the pencil skirts and high waists. I love the tailored suits and attention to detail which in today’s world would be labeled as metrosexual, or something similarly offensive.

I, however, was not built for these types of clothes. I am built like a 15 year old boy. 6′ tall and straight down, I am more Janet Reno than Janet Jackson. Will Ferrell as Janet Reno.

I have the skirt suit somewhere.

With the help of a few costume designer friends, I have put together an outfit that makes it appear as though I have lady lumps. There will be padding and spanx, lots of padding and spanx.

My final Mad Men themed recipe is the most appropriate. It’s a nod to my favorite of all the throwback cocktails. My very own “Mad Men’ cocktail”

Peggy’s Perfect Punch

Peggy’s Perfect Punch

by Cat Tan

Keywords: beverage


  • 1.5 oz cognac
  • .5 oz grand marnier
  • .5 oz limoncello
  • .5 oz grapefruit juice


shake all ingredients over ice

serve neat or on the rocks.

garnish with a lemon twist

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