Why Isn’t Newt Invisible?

How was your Sunday? Mine was great. Sunday is my rest day, in every sense of the word. No runs, no blog, barely a twitter, just the Cop, the Captain, the Peanut, and me. (OH! and our very best bitch, Brownie.) It takes a LOT for me to wind down. My hyperactivity generally gives me restless leg/arm/mind/body syndrome in mid-morning, and I need to do SOMETHING. I often wonder if I’ll ever get past my ADHD, and then my mind quickly wanders to something else. Works in my favor.

A funny thing about this past weekend was that a reader emailed me and said I was a “subversive weight-loss blogger”.  I thought to myself “great!” I am trying to overthrow my fat. Perhaps ruin it. I mean, I overthrew my obese self out seven years ago, so I guess it’s reasonable. My next goal? I want to be a SUBLIMINAL weight loss blogger. {carrot} I could just plant things in your mind, and you wouldn’t even have to think about it. {pushups} The pounds would just fall off. Where do I go from subliminal weight loss blogging? I know…HYPNOTIC. I promise to only make you do a few horrifically embarrassing things in front of an audience first.

The truth is that I don’t pound weight loss tips over your head, or participate in fat-shaming, or only do sugar-free, low-fat, paleo, Weight Watchers, or other regimen recipes,{salad} because I know that a: no one REALLY wants to read that, B: I don’t think it’s effective, and C: writing that drivel would bore me to tears.

That’s why I blog about Voldemort,{susan powter} Unicorns, Gym-goers giving naked hugs, and banana mishaps, as well as what I do as far as MY nutrition MY workouts and MY runs. I know they won’t work for everyone, I don’t expect them to.  However, everyone loves a unicorn, no one wants a naked hug (from a stranger), and everyone can get behind hating Voldemort.{dr atkins} I bet that shaking with rage burns 93485793486 calories an hour. Maybe not, Newt Gingrich would be invisible.

In the event that is does burn that many calories, and you have enough rage inside you to burn down a forest, I have made delicious brownies for you to fuel up with.

Salted caramel brownies.

these are cut ridiculously huge for the picture. these would have upwards of 300 cals per brownie.

These could.not.be.easier. I made this brownie batter, separated it into two batches, spread half the batter into the pan, placed in Cadbury toffee bars, topped it with coarse salt (not a ton), topped that with the other half of the batter, and baked for 25 minutes. Perfection.

I did NOT post this recipe because I changed nothing to the original and only added. It’s only proper. Today is NOT a rest day, and I get to run like the wind. So if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with the pavement.

What’s your workout today?

Favorite salad topping? I’m ordering lunch later from the salad shack.

17 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Newt Invisible?

  1. I am going to pretend I didn't see any salted caramel brownies (DENIAL!). Today's workout - getting dressed & going to work (what? I'm 35 weeks pregnant). I will yoga tomorrow & swim Wednesday, since I now have more rest days that exercise days (I can't wait for that to happen). How long was it before you got your workout groove back postpartum? Favorite salad topping - I, too, love avocado. Although not on EVERYTHING. But if we're talking EVERYTHING, I might have to look at that salted caramel brownie recipe.

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