Milk Won’t Kill A Zombie.

Yesterday was WONDERFUL. I ran 14 and a half miles. It wasn’t a training run, it was a reading run. I was in the last few chapters of the At Grave’s End audiobook by Jeaniene Frost. It’s like the True Blood series, if Sookie could kill you. I really LOVE a kick ass heroin. It’s why I love “the Hunger Games” series so much. Katniss didn’t become victor by waiting for Gale to swoop in and save her. She totally made the other tributes dead all on her own.

-Sidenote: my fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Hank, theorized Katniss is paleo. I love Hank, but I must disagree. A Katniss is a tuber that you cook-and she’s named for that tuber. (I think paleo devotees use potatoes for rocks to throw at people who tell them they’re on atkins) Either way, if you’ve never read his blog, go do it, and be sure to remind him about the tuber situation. I am sure his daughter will totally correct him on this. This may just be my “anti-paleo” attitude coming out. I really enjoy a baked sweet potato or whole wheat pizza.

As I was running, I was somewhere around mile 8, thinking I would start heading home, and then it happened: zombies. I did NOT see that coming in the book. The main character asks a really old vampire, “what are those?” and he says back, “Those, are the GRAVE.” She thinks to herself, “shit, zombies.” It was all I could do not to look around as if “where? are they coming after me????” During the slashiest of scenes, I was running, alone, in the dark, under an elevated train track. I swear to you, I was in police and fire station alley, in a neighborhood that sees less crime than Mayberry, RUNNING FOR MY LIFE. These zombies couldn’t be killed, so my mace and pocket knife that I run with would do NOTHING. I really need to be more prepared for zombie attacks that are only happening in my head. (I wouldn’t run with a swiss army knife if it weren’t for my husband, the Cop)

I get really into my books. Six miles later, I arrived at my front door, the zombies were dead, and I had been running for nearly 2 hours. Oops. I got inside and I was shot an incredulous look from my husband; “did you finish ANOTHER book?” I gave him a sheepish grin and removed my running shoes. He told me that I should buy stock in and I told him he had vastly underprepared me for possible surprise unkillable zombie attacks, and he told me that we were out of milk. Oh Lieutenant, how is milk going to kill an unkillable zombie?

Books on mp3 are a GREAT way to distract yourself from the fact that you’re working out. As does a great podcast. You may look silly laughing out loud while running or walking by yourself, but who cares.

I downloaded the next book. I bought milk. I briefly considered buying “zombie apocalypse for dummies”. I planned breakfast.

Today is national tortilla chip day, and I’ll be damned if I miss another glorious food holiday , so I wanted to be sure to celebrate.

A fruit stand/health food store near me makes homemade, baked, high-fiber tortilla chips that are ahhh mazing. They might have ground flax in them, but you’d swear they’re made with the happy tears of a Mexican grandmother. I made a stack of a huevos rancheros/migas like combo of sunny side up eggs, spicy salsa, shredded low fat pepperjack cheese, dollop of guacomole, and cilantro. Oh.meh.gosh. SO GOOD. Now I am coming up with so many more stack ideas in my head! It’s like a great tostada for breakfast!! Do this. Now..

Breakfast Tostadas

Do you ever eat non traditional foods at breakfast?

Favorite book series right now? Do you like books in a series?

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  1. I just bought the 3rd book in that series this morning. (I did nothing but read all day yesterday.) DAMN YOU! Also chilaquiles = yum. I will definitely incorporate tortillas into my birthday diet today. Thanks for the heads up!

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