Attack of the Kung Fu Fairy.

Happy Lunar New Year!! Our house looks like the Kung Fu fairy came overnight and left red and gold droppings all over our house and we must’ve paid them in oranges, because those are everywhere too! Lucky money envelopes-everywhere. Oranges-everywhere. It’s Chinese “panda”monium here in Brooklyn. We’ve eaten more noodles than what is reasonable or encourage-able. Bubble tea, fancifully colored, steamed tea cakes, steamed buns filled with pork, hard boiled egg, mushrooms, and sausage. We’ve been on overload.

We had all sorts of things to do to prepare for today. We had to clean the house in a specific manner, bathe everyone in the house last night (not together-shower’s not big enough.) Clean, fold, and put away ALL of our laundry. Stick lucky money under the kid’s pillows for luck, buy more oranges, drink more tea.

The Cop and I were discussing that all of these traditions/superstitions might be completely made up by my husband’s grandmother, thinking to herself, “let’s see what I can convince American-born and white girl. I KNOW, let’s make Lunar New Year like the tooth fairy, the very clean, tooth fairy.” My husband’s other grandmother only cleans the house and then burns a whole lotta stuff at the altar to her husband, making the whole house smell like incense and campfires. mmmm campfires.smores.deep woods off. No wait, that last one’s gross.

The aftermath of lunch at my mother-in-law’s house.

While they did that, I updated my iphone. I’ve had IOS.5, but this was for itunes. Did anyone else notice that the update made your twitter and facebook updates get to your phone in a very peculiar fashion? It will beep and just read “Allen followed you.” Where? Where did Allen follow me? Home? The gym? INTO THE DRESSING ROOM?!? IS HE A PLASTIC SURGEON??! CAN?HE?HELP???? It’s all very vague and I like filling in the own blanks. “Julie circled you…then she crept up behind you, tried to throw a pie in your face, missed, and it landed squarely on the dog.” “Meredith just checked in…at rehab…for her handlebar mustache and plaid sock addiction.” It’s much more fun this way…trust me.

Today it’s warmish and super rainy in NYC, but I’m going to make the best of it, and work out INSIDE, at the gym. I’m hardcore like that. I hope when I get home from working out that the Kung Fu elves have left more presents-hopefully dinner and bubbly. More likely an ass-kicking and an animal voiced by Angelina Jolie. It’s just as well, I need to eat a salad.

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Kung Fu Fairy.

  1. So basically you have one type of a sense of humor and your hubby's granny has another. Mwah hah hah. Yes, she is probably hatching new Chinese New Year "traditions" for you now. I heard a whole list of chores to do to prep for the Chinese New Year to bring good luck and push out bad. Dang, that was a lot of work! Go Dragons!

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