I Swear, I’m Not The Stinky One.

I got to move my feet on the pavement and it felt good. It felt really good for the first 1.25 mi, and then it was a little “ouch” in the foot area, but not bad and I took it easy after that. I also got an iced tea at Wendy’s, making it the best run ever. (Until I run to Starbucks, then THAT will be the best run ever.) I’m telling you, if I ever run to a brewery, Imma gonna lose my head.

I felt so much better yesterday AND today, because well, you know, runners high. I probably should NOT have done sprints, but there were a few blocks with a lot of stinky smokers on the sidewalk, and I did NOT want to casually jog past their rank behinds. A few of them gave me dirty looks when I quickly darted between and around them to get past. I have one thing to say to you, chimney, don’t hate me because you’re freezing and I’m sweating. I wore a crapton of deodorant. I know I wasn’t the stinky one. I think.

I’m getting this tee-shirt, BTW.

What is it with smokers anyhow? I used to be one. Friends, if I was ever that big of an a-hole about it while I was smoking, I am sorry. Here’s the thing, and this goes for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE; if you are in a group on a sidewalk, DON’T TAKE UP THE ENTIRE SIDEWALK. IT’S ANNOYING TO EVERYONE BUT YOU. This goes for large groups of slowly walking tourists as well. Keep to the side.

Before I ran through the throngs of pre-cancerous cells my fans, I made one of the yummiest batches yet. Chocolate Cashew Toffee, similar to a brittle. There are TWO ways of making this; you can make it light, and fluffy, or thin and extra crispy. My husband likes it more light and honeycombish, I like it to be like shards of toffee glass.

Batch 24, Chocolate covered cashew toffee.



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  1. There are so many breweries in Portland that if you run in town, it’s almost impossible to NOT run by/near/adjacent/into one. You should come run here! We have awesome beer AND fantastic coffee….

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