Fudge You.

I am sitting between 2 sleeping kids at 7:30 in the morning. Do you know what that is? That right there, is Heaven. They seem to be extra supa dupah tired. It’s the cutest thing to happen all year. Other than possibly, this.

Cats. They’re tiny predators, if they could, they’d eat you. They’re also dumb, and get stuck in balls. We are still the top of the food chain. Barely.


I find myself REALLY getting into the Christmas Spirit with the colder temperature. (Not the spirit of Christmas Past because I think he would smell like moth balls. Definitely a more upbeat Christmas Present.) I have been looking at possible Christmas outfits on the interwebs and I came across one that I definitely think is IT,

What the Hell?!

It’s like the Christmas version of “Rubbersuit Man” from “American Horror Story.” If I saw this guy at my Christmas party I don’t know whether I would be proactive and “stab and run” or whether I would just poke it with a stick over and over again to see if there was a person or a ghost inside. (If he’s blonde and his mother is Jessica Lange-I’M OUT!)

It might just be all of these Christmas Confections I have been making!! Last night was no different. I give you Batch 19-Opera Fudge.

If you have never had opera fudge before, it is more a whipped, firm fondant than fudge. It is chocolate free and so delicious. My Mom used to make it for us growing up, and I remember sneaking bits of it from the tins she packed. I remember its sweetness dissolving on my tongue, and how I looked forward to helping her make it every year. I never had to whip the stuff (which must be done by hand to be traditional) and that is probably why I loved it and why she stopped making it. Total bicep burner.

I followed this recipe exactly from Food.com, so there is no need to post it here (and it would be a bit rude) I added sanding sugar to make it prettier, but really-the flavor speaks for itself. You could add in chopped peppermint or candied cherries or cranberries, but the all white fudge is just so lovely.

By the way, while uploading the pics, this happened.

The Peanut has awoken!

I guess this means she’s ready for yoga. The mat is calling to me. I have to do my yoga at home. I am way too talkative to do it with yogis. Unless the yogis listen to show tunes and talk to their legs, too. (Sometimes they need a little motivation to get where they’re going!!)

What are you doing to get moving today?

Do you ever converse with your body parts? just me? (if you are a runner and answer no, I’m giving you the “I know you’re full of crap” glare.)

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