You Eat the Blue Balls, Britney.

My foot is no better today than yesterday. This is highly irritating to me. I fully expected to go to bed and wake up with a pain-free, size 8 foot. If I can drop 20 clothing sizes, (I was a 26 at my highest) why can’t I drop a measly 3 shoe sizes? SOMEONE GET ME A FILE!! Fashion is pain. Or more truthfully, convenience is pain. Ever try to find cute, size 11s? They cost a fortune and are few and far between.

I understand why Britney Spears walked into that gas station bathroom barefoot. I am pretty sure that would make my feet vomit, though. At least wrap your feet in a protective layer of duct tape. I am willing to bet you have a roll in your trunk.

Now I am on orders to stay off of my foot until they know exactly what’s going on. I have crazy ADHD and a bit of the OCD and this is going to irritate the hell out of me. All I can do is watch the “Today Show” and wait for the extra tall Savannah Guthrie (soul sister)and David Gregory sit across from each other and wonder who is getting kicked in the nuts/ladybits first. My bets are on Guthrie. Sorry, Mr Gregory, she’s wearing pointy toe heels. You should’ve worn a protective nutcup.

At least I have time to work on that manifesto I’ve been meaning to write…

Chapter 1:

Bourgeois and Presbyterians

Or not.

I CAN blog! I can post recipes! I can insert gratuitous pictures of my kids!!

She loves to press her face right up against yours. Pick her up! You’ll see!!

Onto a recipe.

Stuffed Blue Balls

For those days when you’re a little culinarilly frustrated. (yes, I did just make up that word.)


12 thoughts on “You Eat the Blue Balls, Britney.

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot. ๐Ÿ™ I hopeit feels better soon!

    I have your same shoe finding problem, except opposite in shoe size. I can find Hanna Montana, Barbie shoes, or shoes with childish charms..but to find a cute adult shoe, I have to go up a few sizes and risk dangerous trippings and falls just to wear a cute pair of shoes!

  2. Can you believe, that in addition to being allergic to mushrooms, that extends to the more fungally (another new word!) of the cheeses. I.e. anything “blue.” SO MUCH SUCK!

    Sorry about your foot. As someone who spent most of 2010 with a foot problem, I can sympathize so much! (Also, my feet came out of the whole mess almost a full size larger. Fortunately I was in a size 6 pre-foot issues/surgery, so having to buy 7s isn’t too bad, until you look at the rows of beautiful six 6 stilettos gathering dust (literally) in my closet; then it does make you want to weep a little.)

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