Is There An Asylum on The Great, White Way?

Yesterday at BodyPump I added a measly 5 lbs to my weight bar. I feel that 5 lbs all over. I feel it in my quads from squats, in my biceps from curls, and in my tush from dead lifts.  I love it. I love feeling like I *really* got a great workout.

My muscles may also be sore because RIGHT before bodypump I ran a quick 5 miles at an 8:04 pace. I am really happy with this time, because that is LIGHTNING FAST for me.  I have been working on my speed by systematically adding fartleks (funny name for speed work days-not what happens when you eat Sonic) into my routine. I was running on the treadmill, and unfortunately, much to my embarrassment, I realized halfway into “Defying Gravity” that I was singing along. while running. Out.Loud. In a gym, at 6 pm, surrounded by people. People who now think I may have escaped the Broadway asylum.

To soothe my embarrassment and sore muscles, today I am going to work on my stretching and rolling to work out the lovely kinks I have developed overnight. Unlike most kinks, which take years to develop, (dressing like little miss muffet, only wearing tube socks to bed, watching Jay Leno) the kinks from running happen overnight. Also UNLIKE those other kinks which have to be embraced or worked out in therapy, these kinks need worked out by pulling them like crazy. (Which could also be another kink.)

After speedwork, for me the places that needs the most working on is my piriformis and my hammies. I roll one hip over the roller, slowly, then I repeat with the other side. To stretch my hams, I roll both legs over the roller and then do some toe touches and yoga warrior poses. This seems to work really well.

A therapy I would NOT suggest would be the one where you are about to sit down on the rug, and your three year old throws a triceratops under your arse. When you sit on a triceratops, the horns and spikes feel JUST like horns and spikes. You might end up saying some rather unsavory things in front of your children, and contemplate finding a new home for them for several hours while you recover your sanity.

Holding the offender.

Where do you need the most stretching after a run?

When was the last time you increased your weights while strength training?

6 thoughts on “Is There An Asylum on The Great, White Way?

  1. That is too funny! You go with your 8 minute pace! That is just awesome! I am so slow. I have been trying to work on it but I have been so busy that just getting in a run is good. I do try to increase my weights but again, having been going consistently enough to do so. Now that I have more down time, I will be getting back into things for sure.
  2. Nice job on the speed! I was sooooo sore yesterday. I ran on Monday for the first time in weeks, and even though it was possibly the slowest run I've done in years AND the shortest, my adductors hurt like a sonofabitch. (Also, I felt the most awesome I've felt in weeks - I think I'm finally in the honeymoon stage of this pregnancy.) Will you still be my internet friend if I admit that I never lift weight? I hate them. I WANT to like lifting, but I do not, and so I don't do it. I need to develop a simple 20 minute routine to do twice/week at home (I have hand weights from 5-20 lbs, plus stretchy bands, a pull up bar, a ball thingie, etc.) so that my arms are ready for baby carting, but I am much too unmotivated to do so.

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