Pale and Living in a Closet.

It is easy to tell if you are in a NYC gym. Just look in on a class, is one out of every three women pale and in black head to toe? you’re in NYC.

I noticed this phenomena again last night at BodyPump. We NY’ers really DO wear a crapton of black. I have NO idea why. We aren’t depressed, we aren’t gothic, we just like black. Maybe we like to appear brooding and mysterious, or maybe doing laundry is effing expensive and we prefer to do it less.

I wore all black my first few years of high school as a gothic nightmare because it was easier to deal with getting picked on for that than for my weight. This one, evil kid made fun of my weight anyhow, and a few years in, I gave it up. Do you ever wonder if those kids are still a-holes or if they’ve changed? He had a swath of red hair, so it was like an amplification of his angry personality. The only ginger I never liked.

In NY, you NEED to workout like a rabid bunny on a rampage because of all of the great food available. We love to eat. We also love to live in closets on top of one another and walk everywhere in the rain. I didn’t say we were normal, I said we were NY’ers.

One of these loverly people, Monique of The Eatinist Bitch posted a recipe on Couple of Crumbs for key lime cheesecake. I effing love key lime pie, key lime popsicles, key lime margaritas, key lime body scrub (not to eat) why wouldn’t I love key lime cheesecake? I knew my mission.

I halved the recipe as it is just the cop, the captain, and I eating it, and it still turned out great. I ended up baking it in a 8″x8″ square pan and using 10 or 11 (100?) key limes.

Note: juicing and zesting key limes is a pain, but it is worth it. The cheesecake is not overly sweet and can be made gluten free if you use gluten free crust ingredients and almond flour in the cake itself. It is rich and lovely and light. Perfect with tea and mojitos!!!

Were you picked on as a teen?

Do you LOVE citrus desserts?

10 thoughts on “Pale and Living in a Closet.

  1. NY'ers even go to the gym in head-to-toe black? That demonstrates an impressive commitment to living the stereotype! I love it! I go to the gym in running shorts, an old tee shirt, and my grey and purple running shoes. Basically, I look like an old laundry bin tumbling on a treadmill. I hate to drop my shabby gym uniform so easily, but I'm seriously considering giving the all-black look a try. Wait, what to NY'ers do for sneakers? Black running sneakers too? Those are difficult to find for over-pronators...
  2. Brad loooooves key lime pie AND he loves cheesecake. I feel that this dessert might be a winner in our house. I don't like cheesecake very much, but I do love lemon cake with lemon frosting and raspberry jam spread between the cake layers along with some frosting. Yum.
  3. Being an overweight kid...of course I was picked on. I do wonder if the folks who mad me feel so horrible about myself have changed...I mean I have changed considerably, so I should give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they've changed too, right? Still wouldn't be friends with those a-holes though!
  4. Yum! That recipe looks amazing (and I greatly appreciate that you added how to make it gluten free!). I live in a hoity toity suburb of Melbourne (but am not hoity toity). In my yoga studio, all the women dress the same: lululemon HEAD TO TOE. I do not fit in there. But the yoga is AMAZING.
  5. Black is just so easy. I know I wasn't the only one who was thrown off when neons and brights came into style last spring. I really did try to wear them because I think magentas and oranges are gorgeous, but they never felt like 'me' quite like my old faithful black. Anyway, YES I was picked on - I was overweight, I only had two friends and used to eat lunch in the bathroom in high school. My last name is Golde and one guy used to call me Moldy Golde. I don't mind that that happened at all now, though it sucked at the time... it made me into a compassionate person, and it's kind of nice that I didn't peak back then.

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