A Good Way To Get Pinkeye.

Oh, holiday weekends, how I love thee. I don’t love how you make my gym close at mother trucking 5 pm!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY. WHY!?!?!? When Chris Columbus was busy pillaging did he also state that treadmills should be shut down and BodyPump should disappear? I AM PRETTY SURE TREADMILLS DIDN’T EVEN EXIST. I think the best exercise they got was running from rats and towards occupied land. USA!USA!USA!

Like most other Americans, I was out celebrating the true meaning of Columbus Day-shopping the sales. These kids are still just slightly too young to sew their own clothes, (Who needs bathroom breaks?) so we headed to the suburbs to hit the mall, Target, the Asian supermarket, and dinner. For some reason, the Asians didn’t get the hint about Columbus Day, and didn’t offer any sales. My husband says that if white people tried to invade and occupy their country, they would just take all our money and make us poisonous toys. Leave it to the Chinese guy to put it all in perspective.

Best purchase of the day? Cupholder/snackholder for the Captain’s chair.

I also got some fab hats and headbands for baby. Everyone will ALWAYS know she’s a girl. -Insert me singing Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady….wohohohohoh, she’s a lady,” please refrain from tossing your lady underpinnings at me, I think that’s a good way to get pinkeye.

yes. she is just that cute.

Now, I have got to get my fitness on! Though I must have circled Roosevelt Field Mall 1800x yesterday and must’ve walked 6-7 mi yesterday, while carrying LeeLee and my diaper bag, I feel the need. The need for speed. (even if my speed is an 8.5 minute mile-don’t judge) I also feel the need to pump it up. I’m taking the intense class tonight. I really hope no one pukes on me. That could really cut into my workout.

When people puke around you, are you a co-puker or a hair holder?

-hair holder

Did you take advantage of any fab sales?

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