Booze and Cigarettes

That will be $2.25.

My husband has officially turned into an old man.

Do you remember going to a museum with active exhibits, and your dad or Grandpa just wanted to watch all of the movies explaining whatever the hell the exhibit was about?

This has become Tim. We went to the NYC Transit Museum. This is a museum with AN ENTIRE DOUBLE PLATFORM OF TRAINS just waiting for Elijah to GO FRIGGEN CRAZY on them, and there is Tim, watching a video about how the MTA processes its money each day. This would be like taking me to a winery and watching a video on corks when there is a tasting going on 50 feet away. LET ME GET MY WINE ON!!! I wouldn’t give a damn about corks and Elijah didn’t give a damn about the fact that “the MTA processes more money in one day than some countries!” We know that. They take our money. Every.Damn.Day. Let the kid play conductor. The kid who runs around all day saying “TIME TUNNEL, NEXT STOP, TARANADON STATION!!” He’s slightly obsessed with “Dinosaur Train.”

DWT-Driving While Toddler.

Having an active but relaxing weekend is pretty much my favorite thing to do. A walk around the best borough on earth with my three faves, and a trip to a museum that my son thinks was designed just for him? (And every other little boy on the planet of NYC?-yes, we’re our own planet. Brooklyn is the command center-we have lightsabers made of awesome) It was SO much fun. This picture makes Tim’s belly look way bigger than it is. I have no idea why.

He likes me more than what he looks like here. It was an old train, there was WAY more to do than hang with me.

And then? A little idea.

I SHOULD GO BLONDE. Or not. You know. Whatevs.

The ads in the train were the BEST part. So much booze and so many smokes. Kents, anyone? Salems? No. Camels. They’re for the real men.

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