He’ll never be naked again.

Do you ever wonder why your superhero costume isn’t a part of your body? Apparently, so did the Captain. Today, after lunch, I had to go to my bedroom to change LeeLee. I was in the bedroom MAYBE three minutes. I come out, the captain is COMPLETELY naked, covered in blue and red marker.


sure. he looks innocent.

He is so proud of himself. Clearly, in his brain, he’s done something amazing. He cured the common cold, he solved the economic crisis, he made the perfect low calorie pizza, he unlocked the mystery of how Keith Richards is still alive.


A few questions ran through my brain.

  1. How is it that when I tell him to change and get ready he always needs help getting undressed, but when he wants to paint his little captain blue, he can seemingly make his clothes dissolve.
  2. Where did he get those markers?
  3. Do I not blog about this so I don’t have to hear “I told you so” about the markers from the cop, or do I suck it up and go for it? I think we can tell which one.

It should be noted that this comes just ONE day after my girlfriend and hair guru, Alivia’s son (just one month younger than the captain) polka dotted himself, and I said to MYSELF, “wow, that seems like something Elijah would do.”

I guess he felt the need to keep up. I think her son and my son have cross country walkie talkies that they use in the middle of the night to figure out how to simultaneously drive their mommies bananas and make them laugh their asses off.

Do you think Keith Richards is actually a zombie or a vampire?

-I lean toward zombie

Favorite pizza topping?

goat cheese and grilled vegetable


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