Last night I was in a BodyPump class labeled “intense.” I am a freak, so I was excited. I had no idea what “intense” meant, but I was eager to try it out. As it turned out, it meant that 3 people in my class would BOOK IT TO THE BATHROOM TO PUKE!!! Just like on “The Biggest Loser!!!!!”

This class was INSANE. Medicine balls, heavy bars, reverse lunges a plenty, burpees, weighted side shuffles, planks that lasted for days. I didn’t puke. I felt like it was somewhere, deep inside me, but I didn’t puke. HOORAH!
I was really concerned it was going to be some sort of chain reaction of puke. A lot like contagious yawning, but with your insides spewing out. I am SO glad I never *really* eat before the pump.

On to cleaning!! This is your WEEK OFF!!! We’ve been cleaning and organizing our homes for the past 3 weeks. So far we have done the kitchen, living/dining, and bathroom. This is your week off before we get into the nitty gritty of the bedroom. The bedroom is going to be broken up into multiple weeks because it’s such a big job.

My bathrooms ended up being a bigger job than I had anticipated. Little boys (and probably college boys too) HAVE REALLY CRAPPY AIM. I basically ended up pouring boiling hot water on paper towels and letting them soak on the base of the toilet.  For a moment, when I was cleaning, all I could think of was “dear G-d, how do janitors clean men’s rooms?” Do they use waders and a gas mask? Do they suit up in an outfit fit for nuclear war? I think we should convince men to sit to pee. This is bananas.

Are you with me ladies? I think it could start a revolution.

Later today? My first apple recipe for you. It was going to be waffles, but I was informed by a three year old that today is an “oatmeal day, Momma.” So it’s going to be an oatmeal day.

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