The Sting of Effing Failure.

I went 14 hours without using the “F” word 14 whole hours. I was feeling good! Feeling proud. Feeling strong. I got through an entire shopping trip at a ridiculously crowded Barnes and Noble in a crunchy/literary (literally literary-full of Authors) neighborhood. To get this book. Incidentally, I just finished another book from this author “Slammerkin” (AMAZING) recommended to me by the speedy Canadian Librarian, Ellie London . If you need a book suggestion, who better to ask than a Librarian????

Not a single “F” word in the store. Not after tripping over a teenager’s computer cord running across the middle of the aisle, or after the Starbucks people took 9 years to get my salted caramel mocha (one shot of each, iced, extra shaky salt, skim) And not after I had to renew my Barnes and Noble membership card. Not once.

Until I got back to my car. My car, parked in a shady spot, on top of a puddle, under a tree. My husband, kids, and I all loaded up into the car, and we were joined with a near invisible stowaway. Until that little beast bit me. (no, not the 3 year old, he doesn’t bite) “OW. F^%$K!!” What was that? “Damn it!!!” Scratch scratch scratch. Again, me “OW F*****CK! What the hell???” Scratch scratch scratch. “GET THAT MOSQUITO OUT OF THIS DAMN CAR NOW BEFORE I BREAK EVERY WINDOW!!!!” I started going into irrational smack everything mode. Tim may or may not have been hit. There was key shaking, window opening, and shooing. I have two battle scars from it. And the clock on my commitment to a f**k free vocabulary begins again.

Clearly, I need to work off some energy. My knee is KILLING me so tonight I’ll be hitting up the ol’ elliptical and arc trainer. (Bring on the magazines!! I am sure someone is pregnant, some celeb is getting married, and another one is clearly addicted to Sensa.) I am going to to 20 minutes on each focusing on forward motion on the arc and backward motion on the elliptical. Tomorrow, on the other hand is my class with Ashley at Equinox in the city. SOOOO excited. I LOVE new classes. They kind of make my life. Add in a bunch of other bloggers and follow it with happy hour and you have yourself the recipe for disaster a great time! I can’t wait to meet Ashley!! Her blog is great! Check it out!

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