Just. Why. MY EYES!!!!!

I know we have discussed the proper under attire at the gym before. I admit, I was unprepared, but remember, I WAS GOOD. I wore my costco best that day. NOTHING was exposed, and I was SUPER careful.

Last night at BodyPump, I was reminded AGAIN why choice of underrifics is so important. Let’s start this by saying there was a middle aged man in my class. He had clearly never been before, and looked quite uncomfortable with a class full of ENTIRELY women. Or maybe he was uncomfortable because he was wearing big, baggy shorts and boxers. How do I know he was wearing boxers, you ask? Because he stood right beside me, in the back of the class, and when we were all lying one way, he was lying the other way. Knees up. I’ll give you a clue as to what else I saw.


I couldn’t look away. It was like a trainwreck or a Baselisk, and I DON’T SPEAK PARCELTONGUE!!! I couldn’t ORDER IT BACK TO WHENCE IT CAME!! Do a crunch, there it is. Bicycle? Back and Forth. TOSSING A MEDICINE BALL IN THE AIR??? DEAR ME!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

So please gentlemen, invest in some of your own boyshorts. I believe they’re called boxer briefs. Buy them at Costco, I don’t care. No one wants to see that. Really, not even your wife.

8 thoughts on “Just. Why. MY EYES!!!!!

  1. I'm starting to think that there should be a mandatory dress code AND CHECK at the gym. "Nope, sorry, not enough coverage" "My apologies, sir, your balls seem to be showing" "You've exceeded the weight limit of that spandex..."

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