Socks With Sandals and other awesomeness

Yesterday was sooooo busy. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, my favorite workout is a nice long walk with Avalee in the Ergo baby carrier. A few hours of that, and you really feel it! Especially if your purse/diaper bag happens to be as heavy as mine. She also will giggle non-stop if I do squats with her in the carrier. Apparently, it’s hysterical.

Another thing that’s hysterical is what people wear when shopping at Target. I *really* wish I could have snapped a pic of this beauty- people of Wal-Mart style. So of course, the strangest guy in Target chooses to hit on the woman with two kids in the elevator. I am nice and say “I’m married” to which this gem replies, “so am I.” This guy was about 6’2″ 350lbs wearing the sexy ensemble of a REALLY tight/short Nirvana “Nevermind” tee shirt like this one.


He also had on a very spicy pair of cut off jorts and tevas with socks a la Amy of Gazelles on Crack. All I could think, watching this hot piece of manhood walk out of the elevator was “please go to the duct tape aisle, please go to the duct tape aisle.” So with his 12 pack of natty light, he walked off into the sunset (or you know, just the opposite direction from me.)

Since it was already preparing to be a special day how things had gone so far, we decided to go to the artisinal fro-yo joint in Park Slope, Culture. I know you people all love your 16 Handles and Yogurtland, but trust me, this is the best you’ve ever had. I am telling you, it night and day. They make ALL of the yogurt, both frozen and strained Greek-style on site. They also make all of the AMAZING toppings and sauces. I had the plain with strawberries and maple pecan “wet nuts.” Real maple syrup. Toasted, salted pecans. Do I need to say anything else? Elijah had pineapple yogurt with strawberries. He’s a fan.

When the cop got out of work, we decided on a yummy hummus place for dinner. Mimi’s Hummus is in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. It is TINY but the menu is well-curated and simple, and the portions are generous and well priced. We ordered the hummus with warm chick peas, shaksuka (a spicy roasted tomato and soft egg dish)  with Israeli salad and a ground lamb stuffed filo dough and beet salad. This is a sharing kinda place. Everything was amazing and Elijah KILLED the hummus like it was his job. KILLED it. It’s really quite grotesque to watch.

They missed one of our small plates so we canceled that part of the order. For our “trouble” they brought out AMAZING little chocolate dough balls rolled in coconut. WOW.

My favorite part of the meal was the PITA. So much that we brought some home. Puffy, light, whole wheat pita.

I think I am going to go have some now. Tonight is my long run (9 mi), so I’ll need it. YUM.

The answer to yesterday’s trivia question was “Avalon” from 1990 starring Aidan Quinn. GREAT movie.

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  1. I would just like to point out that socks with sandals was ONLY on a super cold morning while camping in the middle of the woods. It is not a regular occurrence. I would never, for instance, go to Target dressed like that. I have fairly high sartorial standards for leaving the house! Someday, I must come to your city and eat, I think. PDX has good food, but I really miss the food a true ginormous melting pot of a city can provide (7 years in LA ruined me for mediocre Mexican, Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Persian, and sushi).

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