Fall Back Wednesday.

How did your kitchen go? I will be honest; with the hurricane, I did NOT get to the fridge. I STILL have too much surplus food and water in it. I plan on eating up the surplus with the cop and the boy, doing SOMETHING with the water, and THEN getting down to the nitty gritty. (Why did I think we’d need 2 gallons of almond milk, 2 gallons of cow’s, and 1/2 gallon of soy milk? WHY????) Good grief. I may have gone overboard. I felt like one of those women on “Extreme Couponing” when I checked out. Except I only had a few coupons, and I had a real bill. Oh, and I wasn’t being filmed, and I don’t secretly need to be on “Hoarders.”

ahhhh organized tea and grain.

This week is a *relatively* easy room. Your living/dining room.

  • Day 1: Assess and Aspire- What is the worst area in this/these rooms? Is it your rug? Your hardwood floor? The furniture? Why is that lava lamp there? Do a superficial clean today, vacuum, sweep, put things in their places, clear clutter.
  • Day 2: Furniture. If you have microfiber/ultrasuede furniture,(don’t judge, I have a 3 year old BOY.) you can literally wash them with a washcloth, warm water and a DROP of Dr Bronner’s (or ivory snow/method/7th Generation) If you have other fabrics, colorfast test them by cleaning an inconspicuous corner (perhaps beneath where the cushion meets the sofa on the inside corner? Where you hide your candy stash?) spot clean the sofas, get everything out from the crevices, vacuum the crevices, lightly sprinkle with baking soda. Let the bicarb sit for 15 minutes and vacuum it up. VACUUM WELL. If it is still smelling a bit dingy, set a steam iron on cool steam, and steam it. For dining room furniture, I suggest orange oil to really bring back the original beauty of the wood.
  • Day 3: Are your walls looking dingy? Did a certain 3 year old get into the markers? The quickest way to clean them is to use a swiffer style mop with a microfiber mop head, a bit of warm water, and a few drops of tea tree oil. While you are doing your walls, pay close attention to ceiling vents and ceiling fans. Wipe the top and bottom of the blades, remove the light shades and clean those.
  • Day 4: Baseboards. Mr Clean baseboard cleaner is your friend. If you don’t have this, a magic eraser and water and good, old fashioned, elbow grease is your bestie. (worstie)
  • Day 5: Oh those floors. If you can hire out one job in the house, this would be it. Stanley Steamer does a great job and offer all natural products. If not, start in a corner and work your way OUT of the room. Most grocery stores rent vacuum steamers if you have carpet. Otherwise, a shark mop with a plastic glider will steam sanitize, but NOT clean it. You can also have area rugs taken out to be cleaned. If it’s just a bit dingy, sprinkle with bicarb, let sit, and vacuum up. Hardwood floors are best when they are steamed or mopped with warm water and white vinegar. Please, no ORANGE GLO. If you don’t have sealed hardwood, spot clean only. If you have Pergo or laminate, you probably should only steam. Those seams POP. (My parents had Pergo laminate, I know. I also know I will NEVER have it, having had this experience!!)
  • Day 6: (Optional) IF you have electronics in this room, take a LIGHTLY moist microfiber to them!! If you are cleaning an LCD tv, they sell special cloths, but use WATER not alcohol.

see? sooo much better.

It sounds like a lot, but trust me, cabinets are a far bigger pain in the as$. I know that deep cleaning your house sounds about as much fun as watching a Cameron Diaz movie, but I promise, when you bring in your pumpkins and cornucopias (or the hipster equivalent-upcycled blow horns of plenty?), your house is going to SHINE, and you’ll feel so great having your whole family over for Thanksgiving. (What is the Canadian equivalent of that? Do you eat turkey and swear at each other as well?)

Bonus Question. First person who get’s it right I’ll give you a BIG bear hug at BlogHer or if I ever see you.

Name the movie this quote is from.
“You cut the turkey without me? You live miles from nowhere and you cut the turkey?”

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  1. Christmas Vacation? We have Thanksgiving in Canada but its the 2nd weekend of October; turkey and family feuds included.

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