The Robot Apocalypse

What happens when you take a friend from high school, her husband, (also a friend from high school), a COMIC friend from the PIT, me, NYC, and about a GAJILLION ROBOTS? Just about the weirdest nightmare/dream ever.

This is what I get for eating a cookie and having two glasses of wine before bed.

On the last night of my Ohio vacation, I did enjoy two glasses of wine and a cookie, and went pleasantly off to bed after trolling Facebook pages. Somewhere in the night, they came to get me. The robots. Fortunately, my brother, played by friend Toby Knops of the PIT, was there to fight with me. It was slow going, due to the fact that he had a pirate’s peg leg. In real life, Toby has both of his legs, some people may even say he has a third leg, but I cannot confirm any of the rumors that he started that abound.

Toby dominating some sort of fish. via Facebook.

My hubs was apparently on the front lines of the robot v. human battlefield as reported to me by my friend Heather, and her hubs, Seth. (Seth is also a comedic writer/actor. I don’t know why in a robot apocalypse my brain surrounds me with other comics/actors. We can only PRETEND to get shit done.) We set off to RESCUE NYC. Because clearly, we’re qualified. I’ve used a fake gun on stage. I’m READY. BRING IT.

I look friendly, but I am deadly. Trust me.

Things must’ve gone well, because the end of my dream, my hubs, Toby, Heather, and Seth are holding dominion over a much ravaged Rock Center. You’re welcome, America.

I think my dream may have also come from the fact that my brain thinks it’s the end of civilization as we know it, because the mother trucking Kardashian wedding debacle led in the news over friggen LIBYA. People are dying and rebels are fighting for their lives, but HEYYY THIS WOMAN OVER HERE WORE THREE DRESSES!!! boooooarggggghhhhhh.

6 thoughts on “The Robot Apocalypse

  1. Cat, my brooklyn nice to meet you in the blog world. Thanks for commenting on Carrots n' Cake. We are all planning a meet up in NYC, would you be interested? We had a great weekend at the Healthy Living Summit. You blog is wonderful.
  2. Oh man, that's an intense dream. I do not envy you. Also, thanks for using my friendly robot artwork for the face of the robot apocalypse. Very misleading, just like the robots would want.

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