My kid eats broccoli.

Elijah eats broccoli, happily. He’ll eat it as long as it’s raw or roasted. If you put it in front of him in any other preparation, he will turn you down so fast, your head will spin. He’ll also eat green beans, bok choy, yao choy, asparagus, creamed spinach, pickles by the ton, olives, fried brussels, etc. See a pattern? He will not eat ANY other colored vegetable. He is green-giant-racist. If you want him to eat something else, it had better be in soup or pasta sauce. It will preferably taste like chicken broth or meatballs. I have been told to count my blessings, quit bragging, blah blah blab. (resisting strong urge to finish the “Mr Deed’s” quote here…if you know it, fill in your own blanks.) This summer for me is the summer to get this kid to eat something different. He likes corn on the cob plenty, but really, that’s a starch. I am talking zucchini or a tomato, or perhaps a red pepper…you know, A DIFFERENT COLOR.  (I excuse the 10% of the population that is color blind and therefore has no idea what I am talking about. Maybe next time, I’ll explain by smell or shape, the theme wouldn’t be as strong though.)

To be fair, roasted broccoli is delicious and simple. All you need to do is cut them into delicious florets, toss them on a cookie sheet with really good extra virgin olive oil. (I use Fairway’s trevi-umbria or mexican mission olive oil, I also like a few organic brands.) add salt and pepper, and roast at 350 till gorgeous. If you want to go cray-cray you can shave some fresh parmigiana on right after it emerges from the oven.



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